Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red Eye Letter at Camp Hickory Hill

Red Eye is a man, myth and legend of Camp Hickory Hill. He has the camp always closest to his heart and has no higher purpose than to care for all aspects of the camp and it's occupants. He can sometimes be cranky and is certainly set in his ways. Red eye is only kept company by the wild life of these hallowed hills and his pack of coon dogs. No one has ever seen Red Eye or his coon dogs, but they see, hear and know everything here at Camp Hickory Hill. No one can contact him, the only contact we receive are the letters he writes to us and delivers by depositing them in the trash. He even writes his correspondence ON the pieces of trash. We find them by chance and the campers always get a big kick out of his letters. We received one of Red Eye's famous letters after lunch today after noticing a crumpled up paper bag at lunchtime. I will do my best to post his letter for the first time ever here on the camp blog. Do keep in mind he has lived at camp all his life so he is not up with the times and definitely could use a class in punctuation and grammar, but please bear with me as we write history and for the first time post one of his letters in a manner consistent with our times.

"Hay Chilrin,

Was out wakin my coon dogs the last few days..... I c u started that camp a urine [I think Red Eye is trying to say that 'camp you are in']. I don't know if I like it. The camp a urine was b-e-aufull til u got here, now my ditches r overfullin and me camp is a washerin away down the holler [We've been getting a lot of heavy dew out at camp]. By thee ways, who's that bald sweeatin man who's steelin my trash [Tim, our program director has a shaved head and takes out our trash at night]! My coon dogs r huungree. By the ways we don't a wantin NEmore Trevor's or Donald Douglas's [These are two fictional missing or misbehaving campers campers that we have told campers in the past]. Stop alls that hootin and a hollerin like a bunch a woundt cyotes! Cabin levin's gonna brake! Those boys gonna destroy that camp a urine [Cabin eleven is noisy at night]. Too much noise at my bath house. What's this stretchy wet stuff splodin all over thee place? Stop throwin'em they make my coon dogs hack [The boys were throwing around water balloons during shower time]. Those girls dresst all weerd were too noisy two. Even used my poopy wipes 4 invites! Gross! Thoos boys and gurls keep on keepin my coon dogs up [Cabin 2 had a "wacky tacky party" and their invites were leaves that they decorated in Arts & Crafts]. Ain't gettin' no sleep in that ther camp a urine. I thot lites owt was at 10. That new camp director lady needs to send kids to bed at sundown. Her belly's a growin! She ok!? [Camp Director is pregnant] I'll be camp director (see next piece o trash).....(Next piece o trash) if ya needin help er sumthin. Telll that sweet cook me 'n' the coon dogs r needin some bufflo sticks and biscuits and jelly. I gots a headache with alls thees goins ons. That Pebbles boy asks way to many questshons. and whys that Patty gurl in that dress on the boys side!? I saw that popular Hulk in cabin 8 [one of the younger campers consistently acts like the Incredible Hulk]! Don't let hulk smash here in the camp a urine. Please stop smashin my snails gurlz, my coon dogs like'em whole [One of the younger girl campers was smashing play doh snails in here cabin]. I thot I was thee only one that wore underpants on me head, u gurls lookin' funny [This was a part of the wacky tacky party]....

I see'n some goins ons betwiin [This is a prime time to embarass and control any flirting between campers or staff.]

Jessika M and Drake
Connar and Donavan
Jessika D and Justin
Camp Director Lady and Baldie

Thanks for that mac and cheese.

til later,
Red Eye"

Red Eye is definitely a colorfully interesting guy.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

First Full Day of Camp 2010

Today at Camp Hickory Hill was a hot humid day, but that didn't stop us from having fun! After our great 5-star breakfast we sang songs and then had a diabetic trivia hour. The kids had a great time and were hootin' and hollerin'.

Then in the morning the weather got confused and the temperature dropped we thought it might rain, but then we were reminded that it actaully never rains at Camp Hickory Hill. Something about the way the land is and the way the hills work with the Hickory trees. It might be a meteorological marvel or an old scientific secret, but we were worried were about to have some heavy dew so we played board games and had Arts & Crafts time. Wow these kids are talented and even though we could play outside they made the best of it and had a great time! Once we realized it wasn't going to rain the kids began to play ping pong and swing on the swing set eagerly awaiting the next activity and planning the best way to compete in the upcoming CHH scavenger hunt!

After lunch every cabin attended to their daily chore, or cabin duty as we call it here at CHH. Then we trekked up the hill to the multi purpose court and played basketball, and water games with water balloons. It was great!

After a great dinner of meatballs and rice we all got ready for the scavenger hunt. I was informed by cabin ten that their method was to win with their charm and good looks! Right?!?! Well I advised they might want to have a back up plan just in case. At 7pm the scavenger hunt began and after running all over the camp grounds as a cabin with their counselors collecting certain items around camp the first team returned after only 22 minutes! With all of the items! Nevermind the fact that Sean the counselor used to play collegiate soccer in Alabama, I guess his scavenger hunt training paid off! Great job Cabin 11! All cabins completed the hunt ahead of time, and everyone was extremely motivated to start theircabin competition on a good foot. Great job guys!

What a day! But wait were not done yet? We had our first camp fire! It took a little bit to get the fire going but we got it goin and sang songs like we were ready for more. Worn out and fullfilled with a fun filled day we headed back for showers and lights out. Another great day in the books and tonight we will sleep well.

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July 18, 2010

First day at Camp Hickory Hill complete and a tremendous success. The kids are winding down in their cabins after a full day of fun and laughter. After check-in all 37 campers met with their counselors and cabin mates to go over the camp rules and get to know each other. Then Tim the Program Director led a camp tour so everyone could see the great camp grounds. Later all the kids played our annual game of dodgeball which was a blast, a little hot, but everyone had fun. New faces and old coming together and getting into their "Camp Groove" gearing up for the 2010 session!

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Annual Family Camp.

Camp Hickory Hill was proud to host our first Family Camp on September 11, 12, and 13th. We hosted five families, and had some familiar faces out to camp along with some new ones. The family camp allowed some of our veteran campers to show their parents around those hills of Hickory, as well as introduce new parents to camp.

Thanks to the help of staff members Eric Ladd, Sydney Lock, Kelsey Payne, Kyle Rood, Derek Marlowe, and Rowena LaFavor, the weekend was a great success. Campers and parents alike had a chance to sit in on lectures presented by Danita Rife, Dr. Gardner, and Jennifer Polniak during the morning, and then had a blast on our challenge course and rappelling wall in the afternoon.

It was great to have Bibbles Thomas out with big brother, and Ms. Ashlan with her constant Kool-aid mustache. Thanks very much to all of our campers and parents, and we hope to see you back during our summer camp in June!

Plans are in the works for CHH to run more family camps in the future, be watching our website and blog for more info!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Session 3 Day 5!!!

ARRRRGH!!! Today is Thursday here at CHH!!! WOO! Anyways, we started off the activities today with some repelling!!!! It was super cool and everyone at least tried it!

Then we had some arts and crafty time making awesome bracelets! Dustin made so many of them! After lunch we had the PIRATE C.I.T CARNIVAL! It was super fun! With sugar-free snow cones, ping pong toss, bocci, softball toss, water assassins, and tattoos! The campers received about 20 dabloons and they could win more and get awesome stuff at the prize store!!!

Tonight's activity is BLACK BEARD'S MUD PIT!!!!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Session 3 Day 4!!!

Arrgh!! Here on day 4, we started off with the flying squirrel!!! Every camper helped out with pulling and got to fly! They all loved it so much and were wanting to go for a second time.

Next we did tye-dye! We had so many colors and the shirts should turn out super awesome!! We did shirts and bandanas! 

Then we had the fire department out again and showed all the kids really cool stuff and they were soaked!!

Double soaking I should say with the kids going spelunking! Thats right they get to go into our very own cave that is 6 miles deep but they won't be going that far in.

Triple play! Our evening activity is all camp swim!!! They are ready to get wet again and have more fun! Finally we end our evening with the Sphyre of Prometheus, fire spinners!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Session 3 Day 3!!!

Yo ho yo ho a diabetic's life for ME! Day 3 out here and we started off this morning with archery with Morgan! It was awesome the campers did so well with shooting the bows!

Then as the campers were eating their snack we had the BAT LADY! She taught them so much about the endangered bats that are in our very own cave!

Later this afternoon the campers got to rock climb! They were so good at it even blind folded! One almost made it to the top on the expert side!

After that we cooled off with some kayaking!! So much fun and I believe Cabin 9 won the race! Finally we wrap up today with PEG LEG KICKBALL and a super story teller at campfire!